Best adventure trips by train – in and around Frankfurt

Are you new to Frankfurt and don’t own a car? Or maybe you don’t want to move your car (ever again) because you finally found a parking spot less than 15 minutes away from your home?

Do you secretly believe that there are tons of places in and around Frankfurt to be explored by you? Do you want to go on adventure trips with your friends or with your family?

Are you ready for your next adventure trip?

Yes?! This blog was made for you.

Adventure trips by train

On this blog I will share with you exciting AND easy to get to destinations I have been to. All places are reachable by public transportation from Frankfurt downtown. First, get to Frankfurt Hauptwache or Konstablerwache. Then, start your adventure from there.

Select from the top menu how far away from Frankfurt you want to go. Rule of thumb: The further away, the more time you’ll probably need.

Adventure tips from a local

I am living in Frankfurt downtown, constantly exploring the city and I have personally taken all the trips posted on this blog. Read through the posts to get some inspiration for your next adventure trip. All posts show “Quick facts” making it easy for you to pick a suitable trip:

Duration Highlights
Activity on site: hiking, biking, city adventure Suitable for: families, groups, sporty individuals

Sustainable adventures

Taking the train or public transportation is much more easy than you might think. Frankfurt and its surroundings are a great destination for your adventure trips by train. On top, it is very easy to go on even bigger adventures starting in Frankfurt (like visiting other countries or exploring the Alps) as this city is extremely well connected by train.


Make it your adventure!