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About zuglust.de

Why English?

Frankfurt is a verz culturally mixed city. Many expats, foreign students, refugees and people from all over the world are living in this metropolitan region. Thus, writing in English just made a lot of sense.

Would you prefer reading all of this in German? Let me know and get in touch.

This is a private blog

This is a project I always dreamed of doing. No ads, no costs – just good information.

About me

My name is Katja and I love trains. I am fascinated by living a life without a car and getting to places by public transport. Why? One reason might be that I have never had my own car and that is easy to get annoyed by traffic in big cities. Another reason is my dad, who knows everything about trains and with whom I played with toy trains throughout my childhood.

With this blog I hope to inspire you to take some trips by train as well.


Make it your adventure!