Booked a wrong train ticket?

You have just purchased a train ticket, and noticed after finishing the purchasing process that it was the wrong date or the wrong time. What now?

This has happened to all of us. And if it didn’t happen to you yet – congratulations, with this tip you will know how to manage in the future.

It all depends on the type of ticket you’ve gotten yourself:

Online ticket

1. Flexticket

Go to the next “DB Reisezentrum”, typically at your train station and tell them.

They will exchange the ticket for you.

The Reisezentrum in the main station in Frankfurt has pretty amazing operating hours.

2. Savings fares

I have tried to exchange the ticket at a DB Reisenzentrum, but no chance.

Timing is important.

Call the online support as soon as possible: 0180 10 11 11

Don’t wait until the next day, they operate 24/7. It helps to mention your Bahncard or any other type of special programs you participate in (e.g. Bahn-Bonus-Programm).

Ticket from the vending machine or a DB Reisenzentrum

Go back to the Reisenzentrum where you have purchased your ticket. They will exchange it for free.