The forest of Frankfurt

Take in the silence at a magical pond within the city forest. Frankfurt’s forest is a great place to escape the city for picnics and short walks.

2 hours Silent pond in a forest
Take a walk in the forest and rest at a playground in the woods Suitable for groups and families

1. How to get there

You want to get to Frankfurt, Goetheturm.
Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Konstablerwache Take S5, direction Südbahnhof
Change: Lokalbahnhof Take bus 48, direction Goetheturm
Arrival: Goetheturm Start your walk here, check out the map.
Bus stop Goetheturm

Good to know

Travel duration: approx. 20 minutes
Bus 48 frequency: every 30 minutes

2. Activity on site

Walk a 4.5 km loop through the forest – approx. 1 hour

This is a beautiful and easy walk through the city forest of Frankfurt. This is perfect nature retreat is at the edge of the city. Check the map below for details.

First, you will pass the Scheerwald forest playground first. No admission fee! Play a round of mini-golf here.

Next, about 15 minutes into the forest you will get to a magical pond, the Maunzenweiher. Take a rest on one of the benches here. If you feel adventurous, go and check out the pond next to it.

Bench at the forest pond

Finally, your final destination is the playground and kiosk at the former Goetheturm (tower). Until 2017, there used to be a 43 m high wooden tower. From here you had breathtaking views of the Frankfurt skyline. Sadly, it burned down. But the playground is still there and the little coffee shop remains open.

The sad remains of the Goethe tower

Ice cream at the former Goethe tower

When you get off the bus you might also decide to just hang out for an ice cream at the Goethe tower playground. The restaurant is called Goetheruh.

3. Map

4. Tips

Fun fact

Here is an impressive fact from

“The forest is about 48 square kilometres and the largest inner-city forest in Germany.”

Pack a picnic

Have a picnic in any of the parks you’ll pass or at the pond. Heads up, many people celebrate a kid’s birthday in the parks.

Make a bbq

You can make your own bbq at the Scheerwald forest playground.


It is allowed to bike in the forest.

5. How to get back

Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Goetheturm Take bus 48, direction Südbahnhof
Change: Südbahnhof Take S5, direction main station / airport
Arrival: Konstablerwache

6. Costs

Round trip: Adult – one way: € 2.75
Adult – day pass: € 5.35
Group day pass (5 people): € 11.30

7. Highlights

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Scheerwald forest playground - Play a course of minigolf here.