Hafen 2 – Urban city escape

Great, alternative, urban city escape with an outdoor playground, open air stage and coffee shop. Located directly at the river Main, just outside of Frankfurt. Come for a sunny afternoon outside.

2 hours Open air spot at the river
Walk along the river and then chill outside having a coffee or a beer Suitable for families, individuals, groups

1. How to get there

You want to get to Offenbach, Nordring.
Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Konstablerwache Take S2, direction Dietzenbach Bahnhof
Change: Offenbach (Main) Kaiserlei Take bus 46, direction Römerhof
Arrival: Osthafenbrücke (the 3rd stop) From here, start your walk along the river.

Good to know

Travel duration: approx. 25 minutes (one way)

2. Activity on site

Go on a 40 minute walk along the river Main

This walk will lead you through beautiful parks, you will pass a ship lock and a fun little monument. Click the map below for details of this walk.

The “me” monument

Chill outside at Hafen 2

This is a great open air urban escape. Let your kids play on the big playground and enjoy a cup of coffee or come with your friends and have a beer.

3. Map

4. Tips

Come for the open air movies at Hafen 2

This is definitely a real highlight. Click here for the program.

Listen to a concert at Hafen 2

They have great independent music shows in a circus tent. Here is the program.

Up for a lazy day?

Just take the bus to Hafen 2 (Offenbach, Nordring) and back. Make sure to get a day pass for the RMV including Offenbach, see section “6. Costs” below.

Make it a bike tour

It is a 5 km easy bike tour along the river Main. Click here for the map.

5. How to get back

Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Take bus 108 from Offenbach (Main), Nordring. It does not matter which direction you go:

Start: Offenbach (Main), Nordring Take bus 108, direction Marktplatz or direction Kaiserlei
Change: Offenbach (Main) Marktplatz or Offenbach (Main) Kaiserlei Take whatever suburban train (S-Bahn) is coming first, almost all go to Frankfurt downtown
Arrival: Konstablerwache  

6. Costs

Outward journey (to Osthafenbrücke): Adult – one way: € 2.75
Return journey (from Offenbach, Nordring): Adult – one way: € 4.90
Day pass (including Offenbach): Adult – day pass: € 9.55
Group day pass (5 people): € 16.60

7. Highlights

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Playground, sand and beach chairs - Chill here after work.