Nightjet – Frankfurt to Innsbruck

Take the Nightjet to your adventure in Austria. Sleep on the train and arrive fresh Innsbruck.

At least two days Sleeping on the train
Hiking in the Austrian Alps, visiting Innsbruck Suitable for groups and individuals

1. How to get there

You want to get to Innsbruck, Austria.
Click here for the up to date timetable: DeutscheBahn website*

Start: Frankfurt (Main), Süd Take the Nightjet (ÖBB) to Innsbruck
Arrival: Innsbruck, Hauptbahnhof (main station) From here take a local bus to the start of your hike or walk into the city center

Good to know:

Daily timetable: 00:08 am – leaving from  Frankfurt (Main), Süd
09:15 am – arriving in Innsbruck
→ overnight journey
Travel duration: approx. 9 hours (one way)

2. Activity on site

Visiting Innsbruck

Enjoy a day in Innsbruck. Click the map below for a short stroll through the city center.

Innsbruck downtown

Hiking in the Austrian Alps

There are so many option starting your hiking adventure in Innsbruck that I will create separate blog posts for them, please select below:

Inntaler Höhenweg

Pitztal (coming soon)

Kühtai (coming soon)

Via Ferrata, Karwendel

There is a separate post for the Absamer via ferrata, click here (coming soon).

3. Map

4. Tips

Book a bed on the couchette coach (Liegewagen)
You have 3 options for your ticket:
1) Sleeper coach: Choose between compartments with 2 – 4 beds
2) Couchette coach: Compartments with 6 beds


3) Regular coach: Compartments of 6 seats.


The regular coaches consist of compartments of 6 seats which you can turn into one surface to rest on. I recommend to take the couchette for a good night sleep. A pillow, bed sheet and a blanket are provided.

Breakfast is included
Booking a bed on the couchette or sleeper coach includes a breakfast. The breakfast on the couchette coach is very simple though:

Stay overnight in Innsbruck
Your best option is probably to take the Nightjet at 00:08 am on a Friday, arriving Friday morning in Innsbruck. Stay overnight from Friday to Sunday. Then take the Nightjet back on Sunday night, arriving in Frankfurt early on Monday morning.

5. How to get back

Click here for the up to date timetable: DeutscheBahn website*

Start: Innsbruck, main station Take the Nightjet
Arrival: Frankfurt (Main), Süd Then take local transport to your final destination

Good to know:

Daily timetable: 08:44 pm – leaving from Innsbruck, main station
05:23 am – arriving in Frankfurt (Main), Süd
→ overnight journey
Travel duration: approx. 8.5 hours (one way)

6. Costs

Nightjet ticket:
(adult one way)
Seat car: starting from € 29
Couchette coach: starting from € 49

Click here to book your ticket: DeutscheBahn website*

Heads up
When you book a ticket to a destination outside of Germany, you’ll get forwarded to the international booking site of Deutsche Bahn automatically.

Make sure to select the right category during the booking process. I suggest to book a bed on the couchette coach.

7. Highlights

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Nightjet to Innsbruck - Start your journey at midnight in Frankfurt.
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