Nostalgic elevators in Frankfurt – Pater Noster

These nostalgic elevators are rare nowadays. Some are still running in one hotel in Frankfurt and at the university. This makes for a fun urban afternoon exploration.

1 hour Taking a ride with an historical elevator
2 city highlights within a 30 minutes walking distance Suitable for small groups

1. How to get there

You want to get to Frankfurt, Uni Campus Westend.
Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Konstablerwache Take bus 36, direction Westbahnhof
Arrival: Uni Campus Westend From here it is a 2 minute walk, see the map below

Good to know

Travel duration: approx. 15 minutes

2. Activity on site

Pater Noster at the university of Frankfurt, IG Farben building

The elevators – Pater Noster – in the IG Farben building are heritage protected. The building itself is stunning, but the elevators are really something. There at not many left so this is a rare opportunity to take a ride in one of them. I highly recommend to read a bit about Pater Noster elevators before going as it will make you appreciate this exploration even more.

Pater Noster at the university of Frankfurt

Chek out the map below on how to get to the university campus. From there, take a 30 minute walk to the second Pater Noster site:

The Pater Noster at the Fleming’s Hotel

This hotel used to be a factory building. The look and feel inside is still very industrial. Take the historical Pater Noster elevator up and down and around.

If you have some many to spend, enjoy a drink at the terrace on top.

3. Map

4. Tips

It is best to go to the university on a weekday

The university makes their students take a test to take the elevators. Not sure if they actually run them on the weekends. Plus, it is amazing to see the students lining up to jump into the elevator boxes.

Don’t let kids use the elevators alone

There have been many reported issues with this type of elevator. So just make sure to go together with your kids, never leave them ride alone. No worries, nothing can really happen, even if you do a whole loop.

Last level. Continuing the ride is not dangerous.

At Fleming’s: Pretend to go to their terrace restaurant / bar on the seventh floor

I guess it is a semi-public building. Just walk confidently straight to the Pater Noster elevator which you will find on the left side right, just behind the reception desk. If you get asked what you want, just tell them that you want to visit the restaurant at the top which is open until midnight.

5. How to get back

Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Eschenheimer Tor Take bus 36, direction Hainer Weg
Arrival: Konstablerwache (the 3rd stop)

6. Costs

One way: Adult – one way: € 2.75
Day pass:
Adult – day pass: € 5.35
Group day pass (5 people): € 11.30

7. Highlights

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IG Farben building with Pater Nosters - This used to be an industrial building, now it is on the university campus.