Schwedlersee – Urban lake and industrial harbor

Escape the city noises at a natural lake within Frankfurt. Only club members are allowed to swim here, but the beer garden is open to the public.

2 hours Swimming in a natural lake within Frankfurt (for members only!)
Having a drink at a lake in the city, walking along the industrial harbor Suitable for groups

1. How to get there

You want to get to Frankfurt, Schwedlerstraße.

Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Konstablerwache Take any S-Bahn towards Südbahnhof (S3, S5, S6)
Change: Ostendstraße Take tram 11, direction Schießhüttenstraße
Arrival: Schwedlerstraße (the 5th stop) From here, walk 300 meters to the lake, check the map for details.

Good to know

Tram 11 frequency: every 10 minutes
Travel duration: approx. 15 minutes

2. Activity on site

Have a drink at Schwedler lake

It is like a beer garden next to a lake, in the middle of the city. Pretty incredible, right? Don’t miss the entrance, it is a bit hidden. Follow the map below and look out for this sign:

Sign above the entrance to Schwedler lake.

Heads up: The lake is private property, only club members of the 1st Frankfurt swimming club are allowed to swim here. It is about € 15 per month for a membership, click here if you want to know more about this club.

Take a walk along the industrial harbor to the European Central Bank (ECB)

It is a short, joyful walk along the river to get to the ECB. You will pass one of the docks of the Eastern harbor.

Eastern harbor

Then you will get to Hafenpark, a big sports park including a skate park, basketball fields, and many spots to take a rest. Frankfurt did a good job in not giving this property to an investor but making it available to the public.

The ECB is an impressive building itself. From here it is only 5 minutes to Frankfurt Ostbahnhof, from where you can take the subway back to Konstablerwache.

Check the map below for details.

3. Map

4. Tips

Check the Schwedler lake website prior to your visit

They are closed to the public for private events quite often.

Watch the sunset from the Hafenpark

The ECB building is changing colors just like the sky, it is a great spectacle.

The European Central Bank

Take some time to learn about deportations from Frankfurt during the second WW

The whoelsale market hall is a heritage protected building and is on the ECB property. Starting in 1941, Jews got deported to concentration camps from here. Read the quotes on the path towards Ostbahnhof, and learn more from

Quote from a Jew in Frankfurt

5. How to get back

Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Frankfurt, Ostbahnhof Take U6, direction Heerstraße
Arrival: Frankfurt, Konstablerwache

6. Costs

Round trip: Adult – one way: € 2.75
Adult – day pass: € 5.35
Group day pass (5 people): € 11.30

7. Highlights

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Urban lake - Enjoy this natural spot.