Taunus – Sandplacken to Ruppertshain

Stunning views of the Main valley on this full-day hike. This is a great hike for summer and winter for sporty individuals.

One day Great views from the Feldberg summit
Hiking, 12km Suited for sporty individuals

1. How to get there

You want to get to Schmitten-Arnoldshain Sandplacken.

Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Konstablerwache, Frankfurt S5, direction Bad Homburg v.d.H. Bahnhof
Change: Bad Homburg v.d.H. Bahnhof Bus 50, direction Weilrod-Rod a.d. Weil Schule
Arrival: Schmitten-Arnoldshain Sandplacken

There is an additional bus in the summer months on the weekend: Bus line 245 towards Weilburg. It will pop up in your RMV search.

Good to know

Travel duration: approx. 1 hour (one way)

2. Activity on site

Hiking – Summer and Winter

We made this trip during winter, but it is certainly great during summer as well.

It is a 12km trail, up and downhill. Start off following the signs to the Feldberg summit. Enjoy the view of the skyline of Frankfurt.

Then walk around the “Kleiner Feldberg”, following the red squirrel signage.


From there on, go downhill, enjoy the walk through the forest, all the way to Ruppertshain.

3. Map

4. Tips

Heads up

There is a ton of signs at the intersections of the forest paths. Make sure to check your location on the map frequently.

The right equipment

Make sure to wear good hiking boots. The snow will get into regular shoes, plus some parts of the path are quite steep and get slippery.

Make a shortcut

If 12 km is too long, you can hop on a bus at “Eselsheck”, this is waypoint 3 on the map. This way you’ll only walk 7,5 km. Take bus 57 or bus 60 to Königstein (Taunus) Bahnhof , from there take a regional train to Frankfurt main station.

Make a detour – Go tobogganing

Tobogganing down the Feldberg summit is a real winter adventure. Watch out for fast and fearless kids.

5. How to get back

From Kelkheim (Taunus)-Ruppertshain Zauberberg to Frankfurt main station.
Check the RMV website for up to date timetable.

Option 1

Start: Bust stop “Kelkheim (Taunus)-Ruppertshain Zauberberg” Take bus 805, direction Eppstein Bahnhof,
get off at the last stop
Change: Eppstein Bahnhof Take S2, direction Frankfurt main station
Arrival: Frankfurt main station

Option 2

Start: Bust stop “Kelkheim (Taunus)-Ruppertshain Zauberberg” Take bus 804, direction Sulzbach
Change: Kelkheim Bahnhof Take a regional train,  direction Frankfurt main station
Arrival: Frankfurt main station

6. Costs

Outward run (one way):
Frankfurt to Sandplacken
Adult – one way: € 8.50
Adult – day pass: € 16.55
Group day pass (5 people): € 28.90
Return (one way):
Ruppertshain to Frankfurt
Adult – one way: € 4.90

7. Highlights

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Feldberg summit - Make sure to sign the register book at the cross.