The Weil valley – a bike tour

Take your bike on to public transport to go up the Taunus. From here it is joyful downhill ride along the river Weil.

Day trip Beautiful valley, castles along the way
Biking, mostly downhill Family suited

1. How to get there

You want to got to Schmitten-Arnoldshain Sandplacken.
Check the RMV website for the up to date timetable.

Start: Hauptwache, Frankfurt U3, direction Oberursel (Taunus)-Hohemark
Change: Oberursel (Taunus)-Hohemark
(this is the last stop of the U3)
Bus 245,* direction Weilburg ZOB
Arrival: Schmitten-Arnoldshain Sandplacken


Take the S5 to Bad Homburg v.d.H. Bahnhof, then get on bus 245, but heads up: bus 245 runs at 8:22 am and 1:03 pm only.

Good to know

Timetable bus 245 *:
(from Oberursel-Hohemark)
AM:   8:38  and  11:18
PM:   1:18  and  3:18
Travel duration: approx. 1 hour (one way)

*Bus 245 with  bike trailer: Only from May 1st to October 31st, on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays.

2. Activity on site

Biking – “Weiltalradweg” (Weil valley biking trail)

It is a 50 km trail along the creek “Weil”. It follows the creek from its spring to its outlet. The path is mostly downhill and will lead you through beautiful forests and fields.

The actual start is at the restaurant “Rotes Kreuz”. Starting in Sandplacken, just follow the “Limesweg” to get there (see map below).

Follow these signs:

3. Map

4. Tips

The right equipment

Make sure to bring a bike suitable for gravel trails. The path is half paved and half graveled.

Watch out for the path signage

The signs are sometimes hard to spot. Check GPS on your phone from time to time.

Make it a two day trip

Staying overnight: In Weilburg or camping in Odersbach. Day 2: Bike along the river Lahn, towards Limburg.

5. How to get back

Check the Deutsche Bahn website for up to date timetable.

Train: Weilburg to Frankfurt, via Limburg
Weilburg to Frankfurt, via Gießen
Bus: You can take bus 245 back to Oberursel (Taunus)-Hohemark, but it takes much longer than the train

It can get real crowded in the bike carriage.

6. Costs

Outward run (one way):
Frankfurt to Sandplacken
Adult:    € 8.50
Return (one way):
Weilburg to Frankfurt
via Limburg:  € 12.20 (adult)
via Gießen:     € 15.80 (adult)

My suggestion:
Purchase the “Hesse Ticket”. It is valid after 9 am for one day, for 5 people. Costs are only € 35. Read my blog bost “Hesse ticket” for more information.

7. Highlights

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Weil creek - Follow the Weil creek from its spring to its junction with the river Lahn.